Nintendo Switch Controller Drift and How to Fix It

Nintendo Switch Controller Drift and How to Fix It

Nintendo Switch controller drift is a common problem that occurs on the Nintendo Switch such as the easymx controller and other gaming consoles.

Drift is when your controller becomes unresponsive and doesn't work as it should. The joysticks will start moving all around, making it very difficult to play games with any precision or accuracy. This problem can occur in any console, but since the Nintendo Switch uses Bluetooth connectivity instead of Wifi, the issue occurs more frequently than on other consoles.

What causes Nintendo Switch controller drift?

The main reason why your gamepad might not work properly is because of the battery in your controller dying or becoming low on power. This happens because of constant use and can happen even if you haven't been playing too much lately! However, there are other reasons why this can happen too:


The temperature of your hands and controller can affect how well the Bluetooth connection works with your Joy-Cons. If you're playing in cold weather or if your hands are cold, it may be more difficult for your Joy-Cons to maintain a strong connection.


The farther away from the console your Joy-Cons are, generally speaking, the more likely it is that they'll have trouble connecting to it. This is especially true if you have multiple controllers paired with your system at once — more distance between them means less chance of maintaining an uninterrupted connection with each other.

Physical obstructions

Depending on where you're playing, there may be physical obstructions between you and your console that could be interfering with the Bluetooth signal being sent between the two devices. Things like walls or furniture can cause interference with this signal, causing problems with connection quality when playing games online.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Controller Drift

Nintendo Switch controller drift is a common problem that can make your gaming experience much worse.

Here is the best fix for it:

Reset Any Button Remapping

If you have remapped any buttons on your Switch controllers, you might have to reset them back to the original settings. To do this, you'll need to hold down the home button and the volume + button for about 10 seconds until the controller vibrates twice. This will restore the default remapping.

Check if Your Controllers Are Connected Correctly

If your controller isn't connected properly, then it won't work and it won't be able to calibrate itself correctly either! Always make sure that you're using a Joy-Con Grip or Pro Controller when playing with two players on one Switch console; only use individual Joy-Cons if you're playing by yourself or with just one person in another room (as they don't come with a Grip). If you're playing wirelessly, make sure your Joy-Cons are charged fully and that they're not being blocked by anything (e.g., if you put them into their charging dock but it's not plugged into a power source).

Update Your Joy-Con Firmware

If updating your system doesn't solve the problem with your Joy-Con drifting around uncontrollably, then it might be worth checking for an update for your Joy-Cons themselves. To do this, select System Settings from the main menu and then scroll down until you see Updates available.


One thing most gamers want is to feel in control of their games and controllers. No one wants to get into the middle of a game and find their controller sticking to one direction. So the drift is no fun!, Fixing the drift isn't too hard. Unless you need to open up your switch you can do it pretty much disaster free and in five minutes. Given the number of people having this issue in the community, hopefully these instructions help you out.